Carolina Smith Age 23 Single From USA Online Dating Girl

CarolinaSmith Age 23  Single From USA 
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Marina Amy 22 Single From USA Online Dating Girl

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Marina Amy 22 Single From USA
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Maria 26 Yers Old looking For New Guys

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I’m a young, average looking woman (26 and not ugly, but 20ish pounds overweight) and I frequently (once a week usually) have anonymous sex with men I meet online. What I mean is that I have a profile on a few popular dating sites and I find a guy there, vet him the best I can, and then we meet at one of our homes to “hang out.” “Hang out” means that we start to watch a movie and then we fool around, usually exchanging oral and having sex. 

 I’m writing this post because it seems like an extremely high number of men want to meet girls this way and have sex with them, but not a lot of women do, so I’m providing insight in what I look for — how I select the guy. And honestly, it’s only this imbalance of women generally being much less interested in sex than men that affords me the opportunity to be selective. My personality’s great and my life is too (all the hours I save on taking care of a boyfriend mean more disposable income for me since I spend them at my job) but when it comes to a hook-up you go for looks, and like I said, I’m nothing special in that department.  


The reason I have sex like this is because I’m single and actively not dating. I don’t want a boyfriend. Basically I want to get to the next level in my career where I can work for myself for the rest of my life. Also, maybe I just don’t have that thing most people have where they want to be in a relationship? There is nothing “missing” in my life without one, except for sex.